Bed Bugs

bed bugs rip pest controlThere are numerous other irritating and common pests that can invade the house, food, clothes and body. In most cases, professional help is not needed – basic good hygiene is half the battle, while support is on hand with the many chemical products available from supermarkets and chemists. Pest control companies are necessary if infestations are severe, and they will have licenses to use a wider range of chemical pesticides.

Bed bugs feed at night – on you – and can cause itchiness and irritation and red welts to appear in neat rows on the skin. More of a problem in hotels and hostels, if you do find yourself the unwilling host to bed bugs, discard mattresses or vacuum, seal and leave them in the hot sun for a while, wash sheets and blankets thoroughly, vacuum or steam clean carpets and clean curtains and other surfaces.

A pyrethroid insecticide can be used on surfaces and other likely hiding spots. Avoid second hand mattresses and bedding, as this is a common way for bed bugs to enter a house.