December 5, 2017

Your Camden home is yours alone. It is your castle, your hideout from the world, and you don’t want to be sharing it with uninvited guests.

While many rodents can cause both physical and psychological trauma for people, it is rats who are generally known for causing the worst hygiene problems. Their residences are themselves unhygienic, and as such, they have evolved to be able to withstand a life amid some somewhat nasty bacteria. For example, while rats weren’t directly responsible for the Black Death, they were playing host to the species of flea that was, in fact, the carrier of the disease.

In short, they aren’t something you should be actively encouraging to share your space. The trouble is, once rats have joined your home, they are remarkably difficult to remove. They are cautious and smart – generations of living in urban environments have educated them on our distaste for hosting them. And even a one-month stay in your home can result in a whole new generation enjoying your living space, such is the pace of their reproductive cycle.

A far better solution is to engage the Camden rat control experts at RIP Pest Control. Our years of experience and passion for pest control means we are ideally placed to sort out your pest problem.

Our qualified, experienced technicians utilise humane and effective techniques to quickly and efficiently solve pest problems, focusing on Camden’s rat control needs, along with a variety of other pests in the area. We are the best in the business at what we do, so if you’re in need of the experts, we are ready for you.

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