Why Choose RIP Pest Control?

We can protect your Home & Business from Unwanted and Structurally Damaging pests. We can professionally treat all pests in your home.

Residential Pest Control

the range of pests that invade homes throughout Australia can inflict considerable damage on your property and health.

Commercial Pest Control

RIP pride ourselves, not just on the success and effectiveness of our methods, but on the safety standards we adhere to.

Licenced & Protected

Please review our certifications page for the comprehensive list of our qualifications and industry accredited memberships.

Fast Pest Removal

All RIP staff are reliable, courteous and listen carefully to your concerns in order to incorporate these in our eradication plans.


RIP Pest Control, NSW has been in operation since 2002, and is owned and operated by David Neale who has had 15 years experience in pest control businesses and has been associated with running small businesses for the past 15 years.

RIP Pest Control operates within all Sydney regions and can service your needs by appointment. To book an appointment please call RIP Pest Control and book a time for an appraisal of your particular needs.

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NEWS from RIP Pest Control

We provide up to date information on pests and what species are thriving in the current climate. Be vigilant with pests as termites in particular can cause massive damage to your property.

Summer is a termite’s favourite time of the year.  Hot days, humid nights – the perfect conditions for termites to

December 5, 2017

At RIP Pest Control, we believe that a comprehensive pest solution is the best method of solving any pest problem. That

December 5, 2017

Your Camden home is yours alone. It is your castle, your hideout from the world, and you don’t want to